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Case study
Sukoon Active

Sukoon Active makes it possible for women of all faiths to live active, healthy lives.

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Farnam Street
Risk Assessment

Understand your risks and how best to manage them.

Case study

See how DSM, a multinational life science company, redirected their resources from merely selling nutritional products to customers toward offering nutritional solutions to communities via the Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy.

Online class
Online Class in Corporate Social Responsibility

Explore how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) creates shared value for firms, employees and society.

Case study
Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

Read how our Executive Program alum, Megan, used her learnings from the Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy to support and expand the Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition.

Case study
Clothing the Gap

A Case Study on how a small organization was able to mobilize over 100 volunteers to create three structures entirely made from textile waste. The structures were created over 10 days inside an abandoned factory, each representing the average amount one person will consume over a lifetime. In less than a week they reached over 1M views online. This project was a prime example of cross sector collaboration, a mixing of the creative and circular economies.