About the Center

CSIS works with companies, nonprofits, schools, and centers to bring social impact education where it’s needed. Learn more about our current partnerships.


NAS builds and supports a diverse community of cultural leaders who drive inspiring change for the future. NAS has trained and supported more arts and culture leaders than any other organization. With CSIS, NAS offers an 8 month hybrid Executive Program in Arts & Culture Strategy, and 8 day residential programs for arts leaders nationwide or regionally, such as the New England cohort.

Ortner Center on Violence and Abuse in Relationships

The Ortner Center is a cross-School center at the University of Pennsylvania that teaches about and researches violence, particularly violence against women & girls and violence in the home. The Center is dedicated to increasing women’s well-being by identifying societal changes that might affect violence against women and girls, using the latest technological advances in qualitative and quantitative research, and developing the next generation of national and global leaders. With CSIS, the Ortner Center offers the Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy: Ending Violence and Abuse in Relationships. This is an eight-month online and in-person executive program designed to enhance the leadership capacity of persons committed to preventing and reducing violence and abuse.

The Stuart Weitzman School of Design

PennDesign is a graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania that prepares students to address complex sociocultural and environmental issues through thoughtful inquiry, creative expression, and innovation. PennDesign is committed to advancing the public good–both locally and globally–through art, design, planning, and preservation. With CSIS, Penn Design offers the Executive Program for Social Innovation Design, a 5-month hybrid program for design professionals who want to utilize their skill set for positive change, and professionals working in mission-driven organizations but needing design tools to achieve their goals.

AFS Intercultural Programs

AFS develops active global citizens who take action to make a positive difference where they live, study, work and volunteer. Our study abroad, education and volunteer programs empower people of all ages and backgrounds with essential intercultural knowledge, skills and understanding. As a leading nonprofit international education organization, we believe global competence is fundamental to building just and peaceful societies. With CSIS, AFS offers a professional development Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy to Country Directors stationed worldwide.

Schoolyard Ventures

Schoolyard Ventures helps teens launch businesses, non-profits and other real-world projects that are meaningful to them. By starting something real, teens develop skills that set them apart from their peers, confidence in their own abilities, and experience that guides their future pursuits. With CSIS, Schoolyard Ventures licenses social impact curriculum to schools in Pennsylvania.