About the Center

Establish Intention

Our actions and words are informed by the aspirations we set for ourselves.

Build Community

We know we can’t do it alone; we open ourselves to others for support and guidance.

Lead with Empathy

Our work is driven by compassion and generosity; we assume the best in others.

Create Every Day

Our creativity is cultivated through a daily practice; our days are up to us to create.

Authorize Yourself

Our worth is inherent and internally-sourced; we may have to take risks to make the right choice.

People Matter

We remember that to affect many, we must affect some and to affect some, we must affect one.

Make It Happen

We are driven by action; we don’t think to build, but rather build to think.

Believe in a Better World

Though some days may feel grim, we anchor ourselves not in problems, but possibilities.

Listen In

When in conversation, we don’t wait for our chance to speak, but rather actively listen.