About the Center

CSIS operates like a startup within a large university. We’ve built a team that prioritizes creative problem solving, lateral decision making, positive psychology, and professional development. People matter to us. If you have a question or point of feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

Photo of Adam Roth-Saks Photo of Adam Roth-Saks
Adam Roth-Saks
Instructor & CSIS Finance Manager
Photo of Ariel Schwartz Photo of Ariel Schwartz
Ariel Schwartz
Managing Director
Photo of Carl Sveen Photo of Carl Sveen
Carl Sveen
Program Manager
Photo of Liz Royer Johnson Photo of Liz Royer Johnson
Liz Royer Johnson
Program Coordinator
Photo of Mandisa Thomas Photo of Mandisa Thomas
Mandisa Thomas
Program Coordinator
Photo of Montana Tamny Photo of Montana Tamny
Montana Tamny
Program Manager
Photo of Peter Frumkin Photo of Peter Frumkin
Peter Frumkin
Faculty Director
Photo of Allison Russell Photo of Allison Russell
Allison Russell
Photo of Kaveh Sadeghian Photo of Kaveh Sadeghian
Kaveh Sadeghian
Photo of Lindsay Young Photo of Lindsay Young
Lindsay Young
Teaching Fellow
Photo of Shamichael Hallman Photo of Shamichael Hallman
Shamichael Hallman
Teaching Fellow
Photo of Sarah Faye Cohen Photo of Sarah Faye Cohen
Sarah Faye Cohen
Teaching Fellow
Photo of Gino Baltazar Photo of Gino Baltazar
Gino Baltazar
Teaching Fellow
Photo of Rich Sedmak Photo of Rich Sedmak
Rich Sedmak
Senior Fellow and Social Entrepreneur in Residence
Photo of Anna Dausman Photo of Anna Dausman
Anna Dausman
Photo of Michael A. Ticzon, CFRE Photo of Michael A. Ticzon, CFRE
Michael A. Ticzon, CFRE
Teaching Fellow
Photo of Jennifer Ingham Photo of Jennifer Ingham
Jennifer Ingham
Teaching Fellow
Photo of Nicole J. Baptiste Photo of Nicole J. Baptiste
Nicole J. Baptiste
Teaching Fellow
Photo of Erin Harris Photo of Erin Harris
Erin Harris
Teaching Fellow
Photo of Kristen Rencher Photo of Kristen Rencher
Kristen Rencher
Teaching Fellow