Independent Learning

Online Class in Corporate Social Responsibility

Explore how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) creates shared value for firms, employees and society.

Developed by Penn and the Satell Institute, this course provides theory and practical working concepts in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The course explores cases that demonstrate the great potential CSR brings toward improving communities in the world, and to create awareness of social issue. Students will learn:
  • How to leverage corporate structures and nonprofits’ experience to undertake CSR activities that have real public benefit;
  • The relationship between philanthropy and corporate self-interest;
  • How ventures can assess whether they are doing good CSR, exploring topics including measurement, attribution, and cost benefit analysis.

Through this four-week course, students from either the business or the philanthropic sector will develop a greater understanding of both sides of the partnerships that underlie Corporate Social Responsibility projects. They will learn how they might improve their interactions with their cross-sector partners, develop better partnerships, improve their use of pooled resources, and deepen their impact.

Expert Faculty

Study with professors Peter Frumkin, Femida Handy, Lonneke Roza, and Robert Bird.

Online Content

Receive a world-class syllabus incorporating readings, assignments, and online discussion.

Case Studies

Examine case studies of CSR in the US, Netherlands and India.