Welcome the 2022 Executive Social Impact Strategy Cohort

Mandisa Thomas
January 26, 2022
Event Summaries, Executive Programs


Last week we welcomed the 2022 cohort of the Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy! The cohort is comprised of 82 students representing 11 countries. This group of changemakers are focused on different social impact areas. These areas include Climate Change, Sustainability, Economic Development, Education, Youth Development, Faith and Spirituality, Health Equity, Technology, Movement-building, Policy Change, Media, and Workforce Development. The SIS cohort comes from various backgrounds, including Social Entrepreneurship, Non-profit Leadership, Physicians, Marketing Professionals, and UX Designers. The cohort is looking to scale their business, collect and use data effectively, measure social impact, and think strategically. They are passionate, optimistic, curious, and ready to begin their Social Impact journey. Students have mainly identified themselves as pitchers rather than funders. A significant percentage of students will work on non-profit, B-corps, and for-profit projects.

At orientation, students had the opportunity to meet some of their classmates, set intentions for their experience in the program, and draft shared community values describing how they wanted to show up together and as individuals in this learning community. Students are committed to thinking critically and using the framework for their projects. They connected with their Peer Accountability, Knowledge, and Support Groups (PAKS), who will accompany them throughout the eight-month program. This week, they’re jumping in with their first core class in Social Impact Strategy. 

Students will work on projects centered around their social impact focus areas throughout the following eight months. A phenomenal teaching team will guide students through action-oriented models, design thinking, and other methods. By the end of the program, they will learn to further their critical thinking skills and have a chance to engage and connect with their fellow cohort community. We wish the class of 2022 the best of luck! We enjoyed meeting everyone and are excited to get to know everyone better as we lead up to our 3-day convening in March. Follow this link if you are interested in learning more or applying for the next cohort.