Student spotlight with Andrea Dominguez

Mandisa Thomas
August 23, 2023
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Over the last decade, Andrea Dominguez has worked with the Government, United Nations, International Cooperation, non-government Organizations, and the private sector. Read more about her background and new projects below.

Andrea discusses her background & Social Impact Area

Hello, my name is Andrea Dominguez. I am a mom, an athlete, a wife, a university professor, a public server, and an environmental lawyer specialist in intercultural policies. It’s really complex for a woman to categorize herself with some words that never reflect all a woman are.

When I decided to start this Program, I was having a hard time deciding what I would like to do after coming back to Lima-Peru after living one year in New York City with my little kids because of my husband’s job after suspending for one year my professional life to raise my kids in a different city, with a different language, and without any family close. At that moment, I decided that the best thing I could do was return to the school to listen to others and connect with the learning process. Also, I decided to choose a Program different from Law because I want to explore new perspectives.

So, at the beginning of 2023, we were back in Lima-Peru but with a new vision. We, as a family, discovered that after living one year in the crazy, wonderful, and exhausting Manhattan, the best thing that we could do was choose a place not too close to the city, on a small beach called San Bartolo one hour way from Lima. In this place, I found a sense of community and appreciated the calm of turning down the fast way of productivity I was used to. I decided to learn a new sport that helped me connect to the ocean; meanwhile, my kids were learning how to swim. I continued my New Yorker yoga classes through an online platform and went back to the sport of my life, the spring track running. I am training to participate in a national competition for Peruvian master athletes. The learning process begins at this amazing Executive Program at Upenn, and I had in mind three ideas that were always present in me:

First, is the Environmental Law Clinics Alliances in Latin America an initiative with professors from all over the region that looks to encourage law students in Latin American countries to protect the environment by developing legal cases about Environmental Justice and Climate Change Litigation. The Alliance allows students, professors, and communities to develop more skills and tools to defend the Environment and exchange knowledge by being part of a bigger network of universities in the region. Also is the Environmental Law Clinic course at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, which I have been teaching all over these years. This incredible methodology shows me the impact of training lawyers to develop a sustainability approach.

Second is Lideranda, an organization I am honored to be a co-founder of with some incredible women professional and public servers. Lideranda is the first Peruvian women’s association in public administration (From Women to Women). The mission is to promote women’s participation in the public sector by empowering women. We are developing tools, skills, and knowledge so women can feel supported by other women in public administration. Third is the little free library, an initiative in San Bartolo, Lima -Peru. This idea is really popular in the United States, but in Lima-Peru is not. I wanted to contribute to my new neighborhood, San Bartolo, a place that I feel so grateful for, so with one friend and two organizations, we decided to participate in the contest of the Culture Department of State. I believe that all the knowledge, skills, and tools that the Program has given me in the convening and the online format help me to feel more prepared to make this idea happen or reactive it.

Favorite Convening Memory

The lucky circles were one of the best moments at the convening; being able to meet other people from different countries and get advice from them was amazing. People with incredible work experience share the same vision: work for a better world. Also, I loved the opportunity to imagine my future and build a way to achieve my goals with collaboration and innovative perspective.

Advice for Future Applicants

Something that impressed me about the Program is that it is designed not only to promote knowledge, tools, and skills for your professional life but is also powerfully connected to your personal life. The professor and teacher team know we must engage both sides of life to develop an impactful initiative.

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