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Alana Aninipot
August 26, 2021
Programs & Research

The Center for Social Impact Strategy and the Master’s Program in Nonprofit Leadership are based at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy & Practice. 

And, we are proud to sponsor Philanthropitch Austin and Philadelphia this year!

The Center for Social Impact Strategy (CSIS) is a research and action center that offers several programs that teach social impact skills and incorporate cutting edge content with immediate real world application. Students in all of our executive programs come from all sectors, including non-profits, for-profits, government agencies, and community organizations. CSIS currently has three programs with open applications. We suggest you apply early, as classes fill up quickly and we offer early applicants a tuition discount.

2022 Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy (January – August 2022)

Grow your social impact project or venture in this 8-month, structured, cohort-based program. We invite world changers to develop their social initiatives by offering tools and frameworks to advance their mission or improve organization health. Students take 6 online classes, and meet on campus at the University of Pennsylvania for 3 intensive days (March 23-25, 2022). Register for an information session here. Early decision applications are due October 17. 

Why is this program great for you? 

This program is a great fit for you if you have an idea, but need help making it a reality. Perhaps you have an existing social impact project, but need strategic tools for collaborative decision-making to take your initiative to the next phase. Our executive program works with you to help advance your mission, grow your initiative, bring tested approaches to social enterprise in any sector, and expand your network. 


Executive Program in Digital Media and Social Impact (February- June 2022)

Digital media platforms and technologies have introduced new possibilities and challenges for people working across sectors to create social impact. We partnered with Penn’s Annenberg School for Communication to launch an executive program that will help change makers master their digital tools and develop a digital practice that reflects their goals and values. Early decision applications are due November 8.  

Why is this program great for you?

The digital tools we use every day have the potential to take our social change goals from idea to implementation to impact. This program is a great fit for you if you want to know more about how to incorporate them into your social impact idea. Our Executive Program in Digital Media for Social Impact will help you build the critical knowledge and skills you need to make it happen. This program is a space for anyone seeking to better navigate the complex intersection of internet technologies and social justice. 

Executive Program in Faith and Social Impact (January-August 2022)

An intensive, 8-month online certificate, combining the Center’s action-oriented Social Impact Strategy curriculum with interfaith learning and networking opportunities, and the wisdom of our friends at Interfaith Philadelphia. This novel program is for leaders and innovators working on social impact projects in religiously diverse teams, constituents, communities, and other stakeholder groups. Early decision applications are due October 17.

Why is this program great for you?

This program is a great fit for social impact leaders with an interest in or focus on faith. For our Executive Program in Faith and Social Impact, we’ve combined expertise in social impact strategy, design, business models, and interfaith dialogue to create a world-class executive program that meets global change makers where they are. Enter a learning environment of students of all walks of life with different perspectives, skills and cultures to help inclusively grow your ideas. 

Interested in a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Leadership? CSIS’ Executive Programs offer a good first step. 

Our Executive Program graduates are eligible to complete a master’s degree in Nonprofit Leadership (NPL) from the University of Pennsylvania on an accelerated timeline. More information about the NPL Master’s program: 

Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership (NPL) Program at the School of Social Policy & Practice

Are you passionate about creating social change?

The Nonprofit Leadership (NPL) Program at the School of Social Policy & Practice welcomes individuals who are bright, passionate, and energized to be transformative thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, and innovators for social impact. The world needs innovative approaches to address the world’s complex social challenges.

If you are a nonprofit professional preparing for a leadership role, a professional in another sector seeking to create social impact, or an individual preparing to enter the nonprofit or social impact sector, apply today to NPL’s full-time or part-time, on-campus or online programs.

Application Requirements can be found here: