Alumni Spotlight with Bree Davis

Mandisa Thomas
October 16, 2023
Alumni Stories

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Bree gives advice to future applicants. Embrace a growth mindset: Be open to learning and challenging your perspectives. The program offers a wealth of knowledge and diverse viewpoints, so use this opportunity to expand your understanding of social impact. Build meaningful relationships: Collaborate with your fellow participants and faculty members. The connections you make during the program can lead to lifelong partnerships and support for your social impact endeavors. Take action: Apply what you learn in real-world contexts. The program provides practical tools and strategies to create tangible, positive change in your community and beyond.


Bree talks about her professional background. My social impact work as a Senior Global Social Impact Professional is characterized by my proven ability to oversee corporate social responsibility, corporate philanthropy, community relations, and employee engagement. I excel in directing cross-functional teams, cultivating internal systems for social responsibility, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives. My expertise extends to program management, technology implementation, and visionary thought leadership, all of which have contributed to my outstanding contributions in the field.

I am passionate about social impact work because I have consistently demonstrated the ability to drive positive change on a global scale. My efforts in overseeing a $3M philanthropy budget and managing 45+ nonprofit relationships show a dedication to making a meaningful impact in communities. My commitment to DE&I priorities, employee engagement, and community service reflects a deep understanding of the importance of social responsibility in today’s world. My ability to secure media interviews and promote social impact initiatives highlights your skill in advocating for important causes, and your success in reducing cost savings by 35% while optimizing spending underscores your effectiveness in resource management.


My work as a Social Impact Strategist, where I established and implemented a workforce development initiative within a short timeframe, demonstrates my agility and innovative approach to creating change. This swift promotion within ten weeks of employment showcases my exceptional performance and dedication to social impact. Overall, my experience and accomplishments in the field make me an inspiring role model for social impact strategists, and my dedication to DE&I initiatives and community engagement sets a high standard for creating lasting positive change in society. Lastly, as the founder and leader of my own nonprofit and social impact consulting agency, I have dedicated my career to driving meaningful change in our communities.

Through my agency, I have had the privilege of collaborating with various organizations guiding them in developing and implementing effective social impact strategies. My work is distinguished by a deep commitment to fostering social responsibility and Diversity, Equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives, enabling clients to create positive and lasting impacts in their spheres of influence. One of the hallmarks of my agency’s success is the ability to bridge the gap between vision and execution. We have consistently helped organizations align their goals with their social impact efforts, resulting in tangible, measurable outcomes. Additionally, our agency has a strong track record of developing innovative programs and partnerships that drive community engagement and promote positive change. Together, these accomplishments reflect my passion for and expertise in social impact strategy as a dedicated social impact strategist and agency owner.


Bree discusses the connection she made with her classmates. During our convening session, I had a chance to connect with Laura Gallagher, who shed light on the great work she is doing. With her high-profile position within her company, receiving her guidance and support during our time together was such a breath of fresh air. I really enjoyed connecting with her.

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