Student Spotlight: Adriana De Uriquidi

Mandisa Thomas
April 25, 2024
Executive Programs

Adriana De Urquidi is a current Executive Program for Social Impact Strategy student with a background in community development and entrepreneurship. Read the article below to learn more about Adriana’s experience in the program and impact area. Adriana currently works at The Concilio, whose mission is to ” build stronger communities by unlocking opportunities for Latino and other diverse families”. She is the VP of DEI and Latino Capacity Building for The Concilio, where she develops and operates the Young Latino Professional Network, The State of Latinos Report, The Power of Latinos Summit, and the Hispanic Cultural Competency Trainings.

Why this Executive Program?

My journey so far has been of experiential and self-directed learning. I’ve actively engaged in reading and research, continuously seeking innovative methods to enhance the work I do. While I’ve benefited from various courses, I recognized the need for a formal academic foundation to elevate my efforts and effectively guide my team. I was eager to explore new strategies and diverse approaches to tackle the socioeconomic mobility challenges in North Texas. One of the key things I was looking to learn in this program was to explore options for a sustainable business model around the work we are doing. I love the business-minded & impact-oriented approach this program offers. I felt it was tailor-made for me.

Adriana speaks about her impact work at The Concilio

I currently lead the Latino Strategy Institute Powered by The Concilio, where our goal is to build systemic capacity to advance Latino equity and upward socioeconomic mobility. I do this through a series of programs and events that bring together cross-sectorial decision-makers to discuss challenges and collaboration opportunities to serve the Latino community, as well as to provide research and data to inform their decision-making process.

I am passionate about the work I do because I believe everyone should have amazing experiences and life opportunities regardless of their zip code, skin color, beliefs, and orientation. Dallas has a Hispanic population of 41.5%. However, our city is ill-prepared to support this community. Through my work I get to address the root cause of the challenges Latinos face in our city and rally stakeholders around solving them collaboratively. I am a connector and innovator by nature, and through my work I get to develop strategies and connect stakeholders to collaborate around them!

Advice for future applicants

I would recommend this program for those who are ready to take the next step into their impact journey, both professionally and personally. This is a very experiential program that will make you dive deep, challenge yourself, and do some soul-searching. This program braids theory, practice, and intention to foster an environment of learning through experience. Be ready to explore impact within yourself, explore and learn tools that will provide a strong foundation for your impact work and connect to an array of exceptional individuals that pour their heart into their work to make their community a better place.

Adriana talks about how the program has positively impacted her work.

This program is already impacting my career and my work. As I advance in the process of building the Latino Strategy Institute, each class and homework I have worked on has provided me with the structure for the foundation of the Institute. I have been able to use and apply all the homework so far, either for the Institute or on a specific program within it. It has also provided me with a broader set of tools and ideas to engage my stakeholders. The design thinking process has directly impacted how I structure the think tanks I host. The asset mapping and partnership analysis already started shaping this year’s Power of Latino Summit. Every class and homework have provided structure, helped me look deeper and challenged myself and the way I do my work.

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