2021 Summer Workshop Series

Rosemary Clark-Parsons
May 12, 2021
Programs & Research

The Center for Social Impact Strategy is pleased to announce its 2021 Summer Workshop Series. This series is focused on personal and professional development skills and frameworks grounded in our current moment.

Real Talk: Navigating Rest and Reentry in Times of Transition

MAY 26, 2021 – 11AM-12:30PM ET | REGISTER HERE

Over the course of the pandemic, individuals, households, and communities have experienced massive upheaval across all dimensions of life: from work and extra curriculars, to parenting and caregiving, and the social fibers and daily routines running in between. Meeting simple daily needs has required long term adjustments and sacrifices. Now, some communities are experiencing a gradual reentry to a way of life newly exempt from pandemic restrictions. While this is a welcome change for many, it still is that: change. Times of transition can feel stressful, tiring, and even tumultuous. CSIS would like to offer a chance to talk about this openly, and think mindfully about what habits and mindsets are most important to keep and to shed as we begin to move forward.

Participants will reflect on what went well in the last year and what was difficult, and select habits and actions to support a process of reentry — now and in the future. This workshop is for anyone with questions about what life will look like as pandemic restrictions are lifted, as well as for anyone going through a life transition more broadly (including career changes, moves, changes in family size or structure, and personal transitions).

While we celebrate return points to normalcy for some, we also recognize and hold space for our friends and community members who are fighting hard against the pandemic in this moment. You are welcome in this conversation now, and in the future. We are with you.

Finding Your Facilitation Flow: Techniques to Ease Connection


Faced with increasingly complex problems, teams today rely on connection and collaboration to find acceptable solutions. Effective facilitation has become a necessary skill and practice toward this end. Drawing on a decade of experience, CSIS facilitators Anna Dausman and Kaveh Sadeghian present some of their own beliefs and practices around facilitation and convening. Participants will leave this workshop with a clearer sense of their own facilitation flow and style, a handful of accessible tools, and increased confidence around convening groups and holding space. This workshop is for anyone who plans to host any group with a shared purpose — from classrooms, to clubs, to workspaces.

Kindly Critical: A New Approach to Motivating Yourself and Others


As research around trauma-informed and self-compassion approaches continues to expand, we are beginning to see their impact and applications to both behavioral and organizational change. Many of these approaches leverage restorative principles and offer a kinder, possibly more effective approach to sustainable, long-term change. This workshop will present the latest research on self-compassion, as well as reference a series of related behavioral change approaches that build off self-monitoring, self-assessment, and self-kindness principles. Attendees will leave this workshop with a preliminary understanding of the potential impact and limitations of self-compassion focused interventions, a series of tangible exercises that can be applied to either one’s self or teams, and a greater sense of confidence in implementing these practices in our day-to-day lives.

Persuasive Communication: Telling Stories of Personal Purpose and Impact


“Were it not for the storyteller, civilization would destroy itself.” -Albert Camus

Stories shape our world. They are powerful and pervasive– and yet, oftentimes start from a single person. In this workshop, we’ll explore how we might leverage our truth to move ourselves and others towards action. We’ll explore some tested frameworks, ranging from Aristotle’s rhetorical appeals to recent studies around the most influential presidential speeches of our time. Participants will leave this workshop with a series of storytelling tools and best practices, but also with an emerging personal story that feels equal parts authentic, empowering, and grounding.

About the Facilitators


As Program Manager at the Center for Social Impact Strategy, Anna handles partnerships with National Arts Strategies and AFS Intercultural Programs, and manages the Center’s residential programs. At the Center, Anna has organized and led 15 Impact Houses: immersive residential programs placed in natural retreats around the world, gathering small, powerful cohorts of social changemakers. Prior to her work with CSIS, Anna worked at Break Away, supporting 65+ college chapters in the southeast US in developing and enhancing justice-minded alternative break programs. These programs catalyze university students as active citizens, developing values around civic engagement and community building. Anna holds an MPA from Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania, and a BA in Linguistics and English from the College of William & Mary.


Kaveh develops and facilitates transformative educational experiences for mission-driven leaders using trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, and equity-centered pedagogies. Through his work, Kaveh has trained over 6,000 academic and industry innovators, and the online programs he’s designed have reached over 150,000 learners to date.

Kaveh is currently a Lead Strategist at 2U, where he directs the company’s learning strategy for undergraduate programs. Prior to 2U, Kaveh helped create Penn’s Center for Social Impact Strategy and served as its Creative Director during the Center’s initial 8 years. Today, Kaveh continues his work at Penn as an instructor, where he teaches courses on design-thinking, social innovation, and social impact strategy. As an independent consultant, Kaveh develops and facilitates leadership programming for high-impact organizations, including the Obama Foundation, the Aspen Institute, and the World Bank. He is also a regular speaker and facilitator at mission-driven conferences.

Kaveh has a BBA in Marketing from the College of William & Mary. He currently resides in Denver, CO.