Oscar Radoli

Teaching Fellow

For more than 20 years, Dr. Oscar Radoli has raised the bar higher and designed deliberate objectives and framework for solid innovation, program management, building, managing, and saving multimillion-dollar projects, and enhancing organizational value. Through insight, optimism, ingenuity, and a high-level perspective, he has ensured consistency in adapting the best methodologies, elevating project and portfolio management for industry-leading and diverse organizations, particularly in the academic and corporate environment. As both an executive and innovation technology consultant, he has energized project and program managers and bridged gaps between diversified constituencies, advancing PM standards and exceeding stakeholder, client, and business expectations. Dr. Radoli’s diverse and progressive career path has provided him with a broad-based perspective and a wealth of experience and knowledge. His highly developed skills and boundless energy have allowed him to earn more responsibility and authority progressively. His instincts and passion have been the driving force behind his success, elevate his energy level, and heighten his satisfaction, causing him to continually seek opportunities where he can add immediate value and make a lasting impact.