Moey Newbold

Teaching Fellow

Moey Newbold is a community design advocate with more than a decade of experience in urban planning and climate change advocacy. She is passionate about improving social and environmental conditions by redistributing the power to decide how land uses are allocated.


Moey received a B.A. in Political Science from Vassar College. As a college student, she led student groups in advocating for climate justice and spoke at the United Nations COP15 Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.


In her hometown of Bend, Oregon, Moey served as the Director of Urban Planning for the non-profit Central Oregon LandWatch. She developed and organized a multi-strategy, multi-year campaign to engage the public on urban planning issues. She formed cross-sector partnerships and used design justice principles to create space for community healing and neighborhood change. This program successfully reduced the City of Bend’s plan for sprawl by 70% and built enthusiastic support for a more dense, walkable, and equitable vision for the future.


Moey considers herself a lifelong learner, and she continued her self-taught education in liberatory consciousness, social impact strategy, and participatory community design at the Mid-Career Institute for Environmental Leadership and the 2021 Executive Program for Social Impact Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.