Announcing: UK Creative Community Fellows 2020

August 30, 2019
Programs & Research

Derby Museums, in partnership with National Arts Strategies (NAS) and with support from the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Social Impact Strategy (CSIS), announced the creation of the UK Creative Community Fellows Program, a leadership initiative designed to create a high-powered network of leaders working where arts & culture meets social impact and community development.

Designed for innovative changemakers seeking to further advance their projects, the UK Creative Community Fellows Program (UK CCF) promises a blended approach to learning. The curriculum is tailored to include both skill development and personal growth, as the program aims to equip leaders with a plethora of strategies to create social change in their own communities.

A main component of the program is its emphasis on collaboration. Fellows will be able to share knowledge from a variety of backgrounds and sectors and work together to create tactics and solutions. The ultimate goal is to create a cohort of like-minded individuals that will continue to support each other after the conclusion of the program.

Furthermore, fellows will be supported by faculty from the UK and international partners with expertise in business, leadership, community development, design, and social entrepreneurship. This diverse range of backgrounds is paramount in the training of adaptable and flexible community leaders.

The UK Creative Community Fellows Program builds on a successful model implemented previously in the United States by National Arts Strategies; however, this marks the first time the program will take place in the UK.

The UK CCF will begin in 2020 and will support a total of 50 fellows across two years. For more information about the UK Creative Community Fellows Program, email: