The Convening of Changemakers – Welcome to Penn!

March 27, 2017
Programs & Research

From March 28 to March 31, over 100 participants from 23 countries are visiting the University of Pennsylvania for the Innovation Summit hosted by the Center for Social Impact Strategy’s Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy. The Convening will be held from March 28 to 31, and it is the first in-person learning session of this year’s Executive Program.

The Executive Program 2017 cohort has been participating in online learning and weekly group discussions since the initiation of program in January. Even during their arduous schedules from work, our professional fellows have shown enthusiastic attitudes toward the online courses and feedback.

The Executive Program Manager Debi Spindelman expressed her great excitement.

“The program so far has brought together an unprecedented group of changemakers. I experienced new impressive “Aha!” moments every week with the cohort. I’m excited to see what we are capable of together during the convening.”

As Debi said, it is now the time for them to huddle together and build a more solid community of changemakers.

During the Convening, students will delve into practical and sustainable tools to generate social impact such as but not limited to Human Centered Design and workshops for community building. Bearing in mind our partakers have so much varied areas of expertise, career stages, ages, work sectors, venture stages and venture sizes, all members with diversity will be able to contribute to exhaustive discourses during these sessions and workshops.

As most of the cohort has been excited for meeting like-minded professionals, we wish the upcoming convening to be a superb means to build connections with other fellows and make the students feel they have the greatest supporters who are creating social impacts together. We also hope it becomes an opportunity to inspire the cohort’s creativity, innovation and confidence in the change-making process. Stay updated about our convening on Facebook page!