Student Feature: Loren Dela Cruz

Mandisa Thomas
May 10, 2023

Digital Media for Social Impact. Learn more about her impact area and advice for future students. Learn more about our program by visiting this website. Also, sign up for our Executive Program in Digital Media for Social Impact Info session on July 19th.

Loren speaks about her impact area and current role: “I’ve worked with organisations across Australia and the United States to build engagement with diverse groups through media, communications, and events. I’m passionate about connecting with people and developing creative ways to engage with a variety of audiences.” I’m currently working with an Australian research centre @ADMSCentre that’s looking at ways to make automated technologies more responsible, ethical, and inclusive.”

Her advice for future applicants: “Make the most of the in-person convening by getting involved in the social activities and the informal discussions that happen over lunch. It’s an invaluable opportunity to learn from your peers and develop a network that will support you throughout the course.”