Maoz Brown (’15 Doctoral Fellow Alum) Published in Stanford Social Innovation Review

March 22, 2019
Alumni Stories, Programs & Research

Congratulations to Maoz Brown, former summer 2015 fellow at the Center for Social Impact Strategy! Brown recently published an article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review: “Cultivating, Not Just Calculating, Social Impact.”  The article considers the “impact multiple of money” (IMM) as the new tool to evaluate and realize potential social impact through investments.

In the article, Brown differentiates the IMM from other industry measurements due to its focus on secondary research.  While no metric can estimate potential impact perfectly, the IMM balances past data and findings with professional judgement. There is a new level of complexity to the IMM. This complexity prevents oversimplification of the investment process.

With continued research, Brown is hopeful for more active and thoughtful approaches towards social and environmental impact opportunities. The IMM shows how social impact is possible for all businesses.

Check out the article here.

Maoz Brown is the associate director of research at the Wharton Social Impact Initiative, a center at the Wharton School dedicated to advancing research and training in business-based strategies to create positive impact in the world. At Wharton, Maoz leads research initiatives on impact investing, social enterprise, and other topics at the intersection of business and philanthropy. In addition to his work at Wharton, Maoz contributes to the Urban Institute’s “History of Philanthropy” project, which uses research on past cases of innovative philanthropy to inform modern philanthropic strategies. He is currently completing a PhD in Sociology at the University of Chicago.