GSIH (2019) Alumnus Spotlight: Melbin Thomas

Vaughn Sayers
February 5, 2021
Alumni Stories, Programs & Research

Often we hear from impact leaders that they feel siloed, and in the weeds of their initiative. CSIS brings those who are actively working on a social impact project outside of their comfort zone, providing the tools, community support, and the training they need to advance their ventures. 

Our Global Social Impact House (GSIH) brings 20 such social impact leaders together, from across the world, for a seven-day residential program. The program’s curriculum and setting allow the fellows to build meaningful global connections while growing their initiatives.

Check out this recent update from our 2019 GSIH Alumnus Melbin Thomas: 

I am Melbin, a soon to be MBA graduate from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. During my MBA, I incubated a start-up, Zelen, a B2B SaaS product to help financial advisors and wealth managers integrate Socially Responsible Investment products to improve client retention and prospecting. In short, we want to ensure that people who want to invest and grow wealth can do it while contributing to a better planet and society.

GSIH 2019 was one of the pivotal points in my entrepreneurial journey. Not only did it help me bridge the gap between grassroots work, financing, and large scale social outcomes, but it also put me in touch with a wonderful community of fellow entrepreneurs who have been instrumental in my journey.

To further my contribution in the domain, I am participating in MIINT, an impact investment competition at Wharton, where we are searching for ed-tech companies with measurable social outcomes looking for seed investment.

CSIS is incredibly proud of Melbin’s recent accomplishments, and all our GSIH alumni community is doing to create positive transformative impact in the world.