CSIS Staff Transitions Fall 2021

Ariel Schwartz
October 4, 2021

It has been a busy summer and fall for the wonderful humans who make CSIS work!

Vaughn Sayers


Vaughn Sayers.

It is with immense gratitude and admiration that CSIS wished farewell to our exceptional CSIS Program Coordinator, Vaughn Sayers, in September. Vaughn worked closely with CSIS since starting with us as an intern in fall 2019 (then, as a full-time student in Penn’s Masters in Nonprofit Leadership program), and joined the team as a full-time coordinator in August 2020. During his time with CSIS, Vaughn helped recruit two incredible Social Impact Strategy cohorts, helping them through the admissions and enrollment process, and offering critical contributions to the smooth running of those programs while our students were learning. Vaughn also took a leadership role on the launch of our Youth Social Impact Program, an incredible new offering to local Philadelphia high schoolers interested in changing the world.

Vaughn brought incredible dedication to his work and generous camaraderie to our team, alongside a steadfast commitment to our vision. Vaughn’s next step is working on engagement and outreach for the Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican. While we’ll miss his thoughtfulness and infectious positivity, we’re excited to see him take the next big steps in his career.

2021 Teaching Fellows


2021 Teaching Fellows.

Huge thank you to our 2021 Social Impact Strategy Teaching Fellows: Barbara Toorens, Christine Cea, Diane Lauer Hallman, Dominic Kelly, Lindsay Young, Natasha Dyer, Oscar Radoli, Shamichael Hallman, Shruti Kapoor, Stephanie Fenniri, and Tatiana Fraga Diez. All showed so much care for our students this year. They spent many hours stewarding students through their learning, leading weekly discussions, offering feedback on student projects, facilitating small groups, and many other activities that helped strengthen our community and support application of learning to real social impact projects. Their mentorship and service to the 2021 class made a huge difference this year!! 

Teaching Fellow Reva Raghupathi also made great contributions to our budding youth program! Reva helped with partner relations, curriculum development, and validation for our Global You Changemakers program, new in 2021.  

2021 Summer Associates.

Thanks also to Alana Aninipot and Nabil Shaikh, our 2021 Associates. Alana helped develop our 2021 social media campaign, and Nabil did a literature review for Peter Frumkin as part of our research program. Thank you Alana and Nabil!  

Minjung Kim


Welcome Minjung Kim!

Minjung Kim is an incoming postdoctoral fellow here at the Center for Social Impact Strategy. Minjung Kim joins us from the Department of Public Administration and Policy at American University. Her research interests include public and nonprofit management, civic engagement, philanthropy, citizen satisfaction, organizational theory, and social equity. Prior to joining American University, she did her research on women’s NGOs in Palestine and worked as a project manager at a local NGO in Seoul, Korea. During her time at Penn, Minjung will continue her research, help out with admissions and curriculum for CSIS Executive Programs, and will also TA in the Nonprofit Leadership Master’s program. 


Our thanks goes to all our full- and part-time staff for their excellent work with the Center for Social Impact Strategy. Our team is small, and every person on the team makes their own contribution to our culture and values. These folks have supported our programs and learners, and made our work so much more special and valuable. Thank you!

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